Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Milestone 2 - Mia Ahn

Emily Hurst - Milestone 2

Character designs:

Stephanie Leonard - Milestone 2

Sarah Croft Milestone 2

Scene 1: "You must go sell the cow."

Scene 2:
In The City: The Magic Beans

Scene 3:  "They are NOT magic beans!"

Scene 4: Morning Discovery--The Growing Bean

Milestone 2 - Ethan Dean

Color keys for story moment

milestone 2

I had to switch my milestone again... I got the chance to take a background design test for a job at Cartoon Network.  Big wakeup call that I don't know perspective.

Milestone 2

I did a layout of the mine for Milestone 2. I tried to incorporate an inked style into the design.


JvonGeeeee - Milestone II

Zeesh is basickally what it would look like were you to go chillax in one o' them yonder destroyed cities. 

Aaaaaand the forest. :P

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jason vonGermeten - WIP, Etc.

Just a thing of Kaleb wand'ring out of the desert 'cuz his bike broke down..

Aaaand I might incorporate some slightly fantastical creatures..?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Joshua Timothy - Milestone 2 First Pass

Also, here's a list of the environments I'll be designing:

Grandparents House
Ivy Shack
Forest Ravine
Ogress' House/Hill
Various House Rooms
Forgotten Chapel

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eliza Milestone 1

Here are some of my sketches for milestone 1. This first one is the inside of the mine, looking down a corridor. 

 This second sketch is of the boys' rocket shelter with an idea of their signature flag on the right.
 This last sketch is my idea of the "General Store" which would be a redish brick color because this store is a central hub for the town of Coalwood, and also where Homer is able to trade many supplies for the rockets.
This is my value study for the shelter. The flag is stated as being made from black cotton, so that's why the flag is so dark and bold.