Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Portfolio Milestone #6


Emily Hurst - Final


I still want to mess around with and make it more mine, but for now it's there and functional.

Mia Ahn Final


I'm still trying to figure stuff out and make it the way I want it.

Sarah Croft Final Pieces


Here be the link:


Stephanie Leonard - Final


Portfolio site

Nathan Cunliffe:  http://nathancunliffeillustration.blogspot.com

Ethan Dean Final

I created a separate blog that contains everything in my portfolio.  My goal is to link it up to my blog with a html button (once i figure out how to do that).


Monday, April 15, 2013

Milestone 6 (?) - website wip

It's not really set up at all yet because I still need to figure out how to create or modify a theme to my liking, but the web address is sleonardart.com.

Christopher Cherrington - Final Milestones

Milestone 3:
Concept sketches for final drawing.

Milestone 5

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mia Ahn-milestone 5

story moment background

Emily Hurst - Milestone 5 - Story Moment


Wesley Tippetts - Milestone 5

I have no idea if this'll be the style that I'll keep for this section of the portfolio, but at least I got to practice painting.

Eliza Milestone #5

Character Studies


Sonny in light blue, Dorothy, and Homer Sr.

Sarah Croft Milestone #5 (1/2 Paintings and Website)

Milestone 5 - Ethan Dean