Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joshua Timothy - Style Guide

Here's what I'm planning for my concept art for Fable Haven.

For the Creature design, I wanted to work more along the lines of Andrew Jones stuff.  He's done great work for video games, especially Metroid Prime. 

 Of course, I don't want the same palette and my design won't be aimed at realism.  They'll be more whimsical like the work of Nicolas Ilik.

I'm hoping to push my color design since I seem to withhold a lot in that area.  I want to create color fields that influence the overall finished painting.  

As for the painting itself, I'm hoping to draw on the work of Goro Fujita.  He has a solid chiaroscuro design that gives his work realistic space and weight.

I'm hoping to work in some ornate patterns with clothes and what not.

Here's an idea of where I'm heading (design wise, not content wise) 

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